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Archive for December 2016

Cloud Commerce Pro now supports booking consignments with Amazon Logistics

Following on from our recent integration with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, Cloud Commerce Pro now supports booking consignments with Amazon Logistics directly.

You can now setup courier rules to automatically book in an Amazon Logistics collection and download the label for your parcel.

Speak to your project manager for more information or if you need help to set this up.



Are you showing your Christmas cut off dates?

Thanks to a greater choice of delivery options, e-commerce retailers are now able to keep selling closer to Christmas day, but are you being upfront about delivery times?


As we’re coming nearer to the end of the Christmas shopping season, many shoppers will be wanting to know whether they will be receiving their goods before or after Christmas.

Whether you offer click and collect, free or recorded delivery services; your need to be communicating this information to your web users. Otherwise you’ll be missing out on potential orders or have unhappy customers complaining they has now received their parcel in time for the big day.

Why is this important?

Your customers have to be sure their items will arrive in time for Christmas, otherwise many will not bother to place an order, and instead head for the high street, or a competitor.

This type of messaging can also be a sales driver. If you can offer a faster delivery service than your competitors, then you’re at an advantage, especially if they do not display this information.

There’s also the power of urgency. If a shoppers sees a message which tells them this is the last day for Christmas delivery, this will concentrate the mind and push them towards a purchase decision.

It’s also good customer service to manage expectations. Shoppers will appreciate clear information. Even if you can’t deliver in time for Christmas, it’s better to be clear about this than risk losing customers.

With only a handful of days left – now is the time to get this information on your site.

Mailchimp Integration now included for awesome mailshots

Everyone wants to send regular mailshots but it takes time to keep your contact lists up to date.  With today’s Cloud Commerce Pro update we have now included an option in the mailshots section to allow you to automatically feed all your contacts seamlessly into a MailChimp account.  What’s more CCP will also add each new contact that is created onto your MailChimp account without any intervention from you.

Just enter your MailChimp account details and if you don’t have one then head over there and set one up.  They even have a free level that lets you send 12,000 emails per month.


Improved Postage Rules Selector

Following feedback from our new proactive support team who have been calling customers, we are pleased to introduce a newly updated shipping rules selector that will be making its way into our customers systems during the next 24 hours.

Shipping rules is a highly automated part of Cloud Commerce Pro that sets the correct courier and service automatically for our customers on every order if you have configured your preferences correctly, occasionally however you need or wish to select a different rule.

In those cases when you click the button to select an alternative shipping rule we always presented you with all other compatible shipping rules but with the new update we will also show you any other rules that are not currently matching.  You can then choose if you wish to select and immediately use a non-matched rule and in future if you want to make it match this scenario automatically you can hover over the non-matching rule and see why it didn’t match this time.  Further there is another option to go directly from there to make the changes to your rules for better future matching.


We hope we have made rule selection and rule updating a simpler experience for all customers.  Feedback is welcome.  Please contact your project manager or the proactive support team.

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