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Unpaid, Pending and Cancelled Order in Dispatch Queue

Today we released an update to the Cloud Commerce Pro dispatch queue to include additional types of orders.  We have now included a section that automatically appears at the top of your dispatch queue that will feature any unpaid orders.  If you have any orders that require payment (excluding your customers with credit terms) then the new section will appear showing the orders and a “Pay Now” button will take you to that customer’s account to deal with the payment.

In the coming days, this feature will also start to show cancelled and pending orders.  Cancelled orders are orders marked on the channel as cancelled by you, your customers or the channel.  Pending orders are orders that we know about but that have not been paid on Amazon or eBay only.

You can manually hide this section each time the dispatch queue loads, or deal with each of the orders and the section will hide.  You can also have this section turned off permanently if you prefer not to have these orders show in your dispatch queue.  Please contact your project manager or the support team if you would like the new feature to be switched off.


Dispatch queue images and scanning purchase order update

Today we have two small updates for users.

Firstly we have added a feature that allows you to show a permanent product image in the dispatch queue instead of the rollover image that is standard. We haven’t switched it on for everyone in case they don’t appreciate the change but if you require this feature just give your project manager or the support team a call.

Another new feature is that we have enabled scanning when creating quick purchase orders. In the supplier section many customers use the quick add purchase order feature to add in new stock with updated supplier prices but previously the only option was to search for products manually by name or SKU. Now you can scan a product’s barcode if you use them and bring the product up immediately.

Message Centre New Features

At CCP Towers we have been hard at work on updates to message centre following customer feedback. During the next few weeks we have many changes coming but here is the first batch. These will roll out across accounts during the next week.

You can now create new messages (rather than just being able to reply to customers) in both the CRM and directly in the message centre screen.

You can now send to multiple addresses and can type those address in or search for them in the new “your customer” search facility, and you can enter cc addresses either by adding more addresses separated by semicolons or entering in the cc box.

You can now add attachments and view/download attachments.

We are adding threading to messages.

We have a long list of other new features coming soon but if you have any ideas please feel free to post a comment on this blog or tell your project manager.

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