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Mapping products between Cloud Commerce Pro and your sales channel

This guide relates to product mapping through your Cloud Commerce Pro Software

The following guide will take you through the steps of ‘mapping’ the products on your system. This process links up your products across channels (Website, Amazon, eBay etc) so that your items are the same wherever you sell them, and have an updated constant stock level no matter which channel they have been taken from.

There is a video that shows this process in more detail at

Go to your ‘Admin Centre’ and click the ‘Product Mapping’ link under the admin section.

Select the channel on which you want to map your products and make sure the ‘Mapped Status’ is set to unmapped, otherwise you may be looking at products which have already been mapped together.

You will now see two lists of your products side by side, the left side showing the products pulled in from the relevant channel (e.g. Amazon or eBay) and the right side showing the product in your inventory in CCP. If you can see that the products have the same SKU, simply click the ‘map’ button and it will link them together as they are the correct match. In most cases CCP will auto match if products use consistent SKU’s across all your channels. It is therefore advisable you do this.


If the products are not the same and have a different name or SKU, or if there is no match at all, you will need to search for the product in the system.

Simply start typing details you know the product should be found for into the search box. You will see results will start to appear at the top of the page. Next to each result is a ‘map me’ button, so click this to link them together if you are satisfied that you have identified the correct product.

Please note if you select the wrong products to map at this stage it will lead to you dispatching incorrect items when orders flow into your system. For example if you map a small widget to a medium widget when a sale comes in for a small widget, CCP will tell you to dispatch the medium widget. Please be careful at this stage to map products correctly to avoid future issues.



If you have searched the system and you received the message ‘no matches found’ or you can’t see the correct item from you inventory this probably means that the product doesn’t exist in our system and will need importing in to your inventory.In this case you will need to use the ‘import’ button.

Important: Only import products if you are 100% sure that they are not in CCP already. Importing products which are already in CCP will lead to you having duplicate inventory items, and only one channel being updated when your stock changes!



When you look at your product list, if there are many items in there that you can see that need importing you can multi-select products by clicking the tick boxes, then using the ‘bulk actions’ button at the top of the page you can choose an action, such as import all, to bring in all products you know don’t exist in the system, or ‘map all’ for lots of products you know are the correct match.

Once all your products are mapped or imported they will be linked to your selling channels through our system. CCP will now be able to identify products between it’s internal inventory and the channel you mapped and will be able to carry out stock updates etc to the channel as required.


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