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List your products on Ebay instantly

Create Ebay listings automatically from your Cloud Commerce Pro system

Sell by fixed price or auction

Never lose your successful listings

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Sell on Ebay

Auto-list items to your Ebay account with options to auction or Buy now.

List your products with minimum effort

Add listings to Ebay directly from your Cloud Stock System without having to login to your Ebay account.

You can automatically add new products to your Ebay and choose to sell “buy now” or through an auction. You can also remove or re-add listings in the future. This could be a huge time saver your business.

  • Create listings with minimum effort
  • Sell via fixed price or auction
  • Remove or re-add depending on your stock levels
  • List in multi-language and multi country to increase sales
  • Never lose your listings

With Profiles it’s even quicker to automate listings

With the Profiles feature, you can quickly train Cloud Commerce Pro to complete some or all criteria when listing products so you do it once and never have to do it again.

Cloud Commerce Pro usually fills in 85% of all listing data from your inventory when creating new listings on Amazon, eBay or your websites. With Profiles, you can now create listings in just a single click and assuming you have created a profile for the type of product you are listing then the profile will handle completing all the information required for the listing.

You can read more about Profiles here.

  • Automated actions for Amazon, Ebay or your website
  • Single click actions
  • Includes items such as Amazon Browse Nodes, Categories, store categories on eBay, Shipping rates and more.

Keep tabs on your actions...

The Actions Queue is a great way to monitor the progress of your listings - with information updates, error messages and check times.

  • Summary of queued actions
  • Notifications and error messages
  • Update information with status, dates and times
  • History of actions

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