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Picking lists created automatically wherever you receive an order

Automate your picking lists based on where your products are located

Increase accuracy and minimise mistakes through customised scanners and barcoding

Manage your warehouse remotely through a simple Dispatch Report

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Auto-create and priorities Pick lists for new orders, barcoding features, reports, tracking and much more.

Minimise mistakes in the Warehouse

Once an order is placed on any of your online platforms a picking list is created for the warehouse. You can pre-set picking lists to where your products are situated in the warehouse saving your staff time - and through better organisation you can minimise those costly errors.

Easy access reports from within your Cloud Commerce Pro means that if you are located off-site or even upstairs you can stay on top of your warehouse operation.


Don’t use barcodes?

Although the Warehouse feature works without barcoding, you can dramatically improve your whole operation by scanning your products in and out of the warehouse – meaning no more manual stock takes and counting by hand.

Whether you choose to use your manufacturers’ barcodes or your own, Cloud Commerce Pro can revolutionise your business through customising wireless scanners and setting up your warehouse so you always stay organised. Scanning your products does not only improve productivity, it completely eradicate errors.

  • Multi-channel stock control
  • Sell through multiple website, in store or Amazon, Ebay and your stock is synchronised
  • Keep track of all stock coming in and out of the warehouse
  • Set alerts so inventory levels never get too low
  • Keep on top of best-selling products
  • Stock valuations on demand

Express Picking and Packing

The fastest way to pack lots of orders.


Automated Dispatch and Tracking Codes


Automatic Tracking code updates to all channels.  Just pack your order, scan a barcode or press the dispatch button and you can be sure the selling channel and your customer is instantly updated with tracking codes as required.

You can also send documentation directly to the customer to update them as to the status of their order.

  • Shows delivery status for any order
  • Details include stock, quantity and courier

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