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Cloud Commerce Pro FAQs

Common questions answered
As there are many features and integrations to our platform, we appreciate many visitors will have questions and queries. We have complied a list of the top frequently asked questions that we hope will help you find what you are looking for.

However, we are always more than happy for you to call us, or use our live chat to ask as many questions as you like.

How much does Cloud Commerce Pro Cost?

Less than you think and very often less than our competitors.

We first offer a FREE on-site business consultation with no obligation.

The aim of the consultation is to:

  • Understand your business and for you to understand what solutions are available
  • Discover how those solutions will work and benefit your business
  • Explain what can be achieved, and the roles and responsibilities of each party
  • Advise on project timescales and provide indicative pricing

We do this, as we provide a fully managed service, which includes the set-up and implementation. As well as on-going training and support - all included in the price.

What is certain is that our solution will pay for itself many, many times over through extra sales and cost savings. You will be amazed just how little such fantastic automation will cost you.

If you give us a call – we may be able to provide a price based on your requirements.

Do you take a percentage of my sales for using Cloud Commerce Pro?

No we don't. Unlike many of our competitors we don't think it's OK to slice off a portion of your sales for our service. Our prices is based on a fixed monthly fee that we guarantee will not increase.

Are we tied into a long contract period?

No, there is no long contractual period. You are immediately placed onto a monthly rolling contract. If you want to cancel, you just need to give us 30 days notice.

What selling channels does Cloud Commerce Pro integrate with?

We integrate with several marketplace and ecommerce platforms including: Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Tesco, eBay & Amazon.

Within your Cloud Commerce Pro account, you can connect as many of these channels as you like!

We also offer an open API, so if you have a developer, they can use this to connect with other ecommerce platform or marketplaces.

To find out more, please see the ‘Integration’ section of our website.

What shipping couriers does Cloud Commerce Pro integrate with?

Yes we work with all the major couriers. Our system will seamlessly book in your consignments with Royal Mail, ParcelForce, DHL, Interlink, DPD, Fedex,TNT, UKMail, UPS and any more. If we don't currently include your courier we may be able to add integration free of charge.

We add new couriers and aggregators all the time and unlike other shipping services, we don't charge for each label generated.  It's all part of the service.

We also offer an open API, so if you have a developer, they can use this to connect with other shipping couriers.

To find out more, please see the ‘Integration’ section of our website.

Can you provide stock control & synchronisation across all channels?

We synchronise everything so you don't have. We keep all your sales channels and your back end systems all linked to one inventory, so you can’t over-sell and upset customers. There are no buttons to press and no files to upload. Cloud Commerce Pro automatically keeps all your inventory updated everywhere.

To find out more, please see the ‘Stock Control’ section of our website.

Can my Trade Customers place orders?

Yes, in fact Cloud Commerce Pro started out as a trade only system so we have lots of experience of doing business that way also. Your customers can be provided with their own account that they can place regular trade orders against payment terms you decide.

To find out more, please see the ‘Trade Ordering’ section of our website.

Do you offer Amazon Re-pricing?

Yes we do. In fact we include it free of charge for all our customers and it is fully automatic. Just set your rules and our system handles beating the competition for you.

What's more we are making it available to re-price other selling channels very soon!

Find out more about our Amazon Repricing feature here.

What accounting software does Cloud Commerce Pro integrate with?

Yes we integrate with several accounting packages such as Sage, Quickbooks, and Xero. We can also add more if your accounts package is not listed. Just ask us. Our accounts module will automatically create customer accounts, add invoices and payments and allocate them all hands free for you. It is tied to our superb back end CRM so you have complete visibility of customer accounts throughout your business and can take payments and issue invoices automatically.

We also offer an open API, so if you have a developer, they can use this to connect with other accounts packages.

To find out more, please see the ‘Integration’ section of our website.

How easy is the set-up and implementation?

As with all systems, there is a process to go through in order to set-up our system, load in your products and configure all the features.

We have a unique on-boarding process design to make this as easy and pain-free as possible. We understand that any type of business change is a big decision, and one where you need to feel comfortable.

For more information on this process please see our ‘On-boarding’ page.

Can Cloud Commerce Pro help to raise Purchase Orders with my suppliers?

Yes, we hope you do. That helps us to understand what stock you have arriving in to your warehouse or storage facility and lets us do lots of clever things such as calculate how much stock you have left over when you fulfil all your orders and we can show customers when stock will be arriving back in. When the stock arrives with you and you check it in we can automatically list on all the channels you wish to sell it on.

For more information on this process please see our ‘Purchasing’ page.

Does Cloud Commerce Pro support Amazon FBA?

You bet it does. You can have your stock on any channels and also FBA at the same time.

Does Cloud Commerce Pro support Barcode Scanning Technology?

Cloud Commerce Pro is built to work both with and without bar code scanning. We can supply bar codes scanners if you require or you can use your existing ones (subject to compatibility). We also supply bar code and tablet solutions for staff out on the road or at trade shows. Ask for details. We think you will be amazed how bar coding can help your business.

Find out how you can benefit from using barcoding and scanners in your warehouse procedures – see our ‘Barcoding/Scanning’ Solution.

Can Cloud Commerce Pro integrate with my in-store EPOS?

Yes subject to compatibility of your system we can integrate that for you.

What is Cloud Commerce?

Cloud Commerce is a term used to describe the combination of ecommerce business software that is hosted in a cloud computing environment, supplying on-demand ecommerce resources over the internet using servers on a remote wide-area network.

Cloud Commerce has revolutionised how online retailers are able to respond to new marketing and multi-channel opportunities, as well as enabling merchants to reduce costs in internal IT resources and infrastructure.

See what our customers have to say

Listen to the experiences of our customers - learn how our platform has helped them to grow by improving their business processes.

Our Customer Reviews


“Cloud Commerce Pro Ecommerce solutions have been instrumental in our growth and success across multiple UK and international sales platforms. Their constant development ethos is pushing them in front of the competition and expanding our market advantage.”

Charlotte Murrey

Run Charlie

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“Just having that ability to pick the phone up and speak to a localised member of the team, and perhaps even one of the developers to help you resolve your issue has been a massive part of the reason why we stuck with Cloud Commerce for the last five years.”

Luke Hudson

Two-Squared Agency

More Here


“Every time we call the support team they are quick to help out and always get back to you either the same or next day if unavailable. I would definitely recommend CCP to any business large or small who is looking for this type of system.”

Jamie Agar

The Cosy Bedding Company

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“Would highly recommend Cloud Commerce Pro to any online businesses that are looking to expend/save time and automate more of their daily needs.”

Mike Mayor

Earache Records

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“Cloud Commerce Pro software has had a positive impact on our business... and you do not need to be an IT expert! Besides the software and reports, their customer service is truly world class... backed by a very patient training team who empower you with all the knowledge you need about the system!”


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“I would recommend anyone to get in touch with CCP to see what they can offer. We are saving so much time using CCP and couldn't thank them enough not just for the system but for the service as well.”

Nikki Ineson

Chilli Wizards

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“They took care of everything including getting all my printers set up etc. I think the thing I like the most is that they have enough staff that there is always someone on hand to help with queries. If my printer is jammed and I've got to get orders out I need help now, not help tomorrow! And they've never let me down. I can't believe now that I used to waste so much time messing around with spreadsheets and Royal Mail Click And Drop. I could never go back!”



“[We needed a] complete system for inventory, accounting, and stock control across our eBay, Amazon and webstores. With help / guidance throughout from their project managers and the support staff this was made easier, with specialist individuals for everything. After recently having our eBay account hacked, we found without CCP, we would have been unaware but with CCP their system picked it up for us (even eBay did not know).”


Widdle Gifts

“Excellent product and first class service from Cloud Commerce Pro. The software has revolutionised our dispatch system, which has created valuable time to concentrate on other growth areas of the business.”


Fitting Gifts

“If you are looking to integrate your selling channels, this is the system for you! We had been looking for a while to streamline our business and to be honest were a bit daunted by the amount of companies out there and work involved but we need not have worried! CC Pro are a great company to work with, the support has been fantastic, from remote help, to our constant queries via telephone they have been so patient. The system has saved our warehouse staff so much time and we are saving money by having correct stock levels at all times. Thoroughly recommend!”



“Since putting Cloud Commerce in we have decided to integrate more and use their system to process our trade orders Our point of contact at the company, Rosie has been fantastic throughout all our dealings and I can’t recommend them enough. In fact since putting Cloud Commerce in we have decided to integrate more and use their system to process our trade orders which we were initially going to keep in Sage. This will again speed up and automate more of our processes.”

Alex Ingham

MI Supplies

“Every process is now quicker and some we no longer have to do. We used to have to keep a spreadsheet for our stock control and if one or two orders were missed would cause issues, not to mention keeping our sales channels up to date. Now we can concentrate on other areas as our stock is automatically kept up to date and the sales channels are updated. We did look at other cheaper systems without dedicated account management support and are so glad we opted for CCP's system. Some other systems work on a ticket basis but our Account Manager, Mark Johnson is just at the end of the phone whenever we have a question. I now value the folks at CCP an integral part of our own team and feel they are really helping us move the business forward. We have no hesitation in recommending Cloud Commerce Pro: the system itself is excellent and has exceeded our expectations.”

Neal & Louise

Mad About Horror

“We have been with CCP since mid 2016, since then we have slowly began utilising more of the features they have to offer. As an online business selling through a multitude of channels / platforms we find CCPs product mapping and inventory management system essential, saving hours of work a day.”


Quilted Bear

“Before signing up to Cloud Commerce Pro, we had several questions regarding the stock control and how it functioned, due to the complexity of the products we sell. They went above and beyond and even invited us down to their offices to discuss the system in greater detail to ensure that it would be a fit for our business. We have a very complex shipping set up, we use 5 different couriers, due to the wide range of product sizes we stock, but with the help of Stuart from the shipping team, the set up was a breeze and the rules worked perfectly.”


Flooring Direct

“The support team have spent a lot of time guiding us through using the system to despatch and helping sort out any issues we have with our data. What we have implemented so far has definitely benefited us as a business and we are continuing to use additional parts of the system all the time. Very happy customer :)”


Sweet Addicts (Groceries2Go)
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