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Creating & Applying Trade Discount Codes

This guide will take you through the process of creating discount codes which can be used to drive sales and clear old stock.

Discounts can be wide reaching and apply to your entire inventory, but they can also be specific to a certain sales channel, customer or product range.

These are specifically trade discounts which only apply to wholesale or telephone order sales channels. Discounts for external sales channels such as Amazon or eBay should be set up directly through them.

1. Admin Centre

1. Admin Centre

Click “Discount Codes” from the Admin Centre.

2. Discount Codes

2. Discount Codes

1. Any previously created discount codes will be displayed here.

2. Click “New Discount Code” to continue.

3.Discount Code Editor

3.Discount Code Editor

1. Description – Give your discount code a clear name so it can be easily identified.

2. Discount Code – This is the actual code that customers will use to receive the discount.

3. Discount Type – Choose from either a monetary or percentage type discount.

4. Discount Value – This is the actual value of your discount. So for a monetary discount, enter the amount you want to be discounted in pounds. For a percentage discount, enter the amount relevant for the discount required, such as “25” for a 25% discount.

5. Date Range From – Select the date you want the discount code to be valid from.

6. Date Range To – Select the date you want the discount to end.

7. Save / Back – Click “Save” to confirm your choices or “Back” to return to the previous screen.

4. Discount Code Details

4. Discount Code Details

1. Edit – Click “Edit to change any of the details you entered when creating the discount code.

2. Add Agents / Companies – If you want a discount code that only applies to a certain company or group of companies that buy from you, click “Add” to select them.

3. Add Sales Channels – To have a discount code apply to ALL products on a specific sales channel, click “Add” and select the channel from the list. Bear in mind that discount codes created in this manner can only be applied to wholesale and telephone order sales channels. Discount codes for external sales channels such as Amazon or eBay need to be set up directly through them.

4. Products – You can focus the use of discount codes further by adding specific products. Find the product range you want to add from the category list and click “Add”. Repeat the process to add more products.

As mentioned in the wizard, you must select either a company or a sales channel in order for your discount code to function, you cannot have both.

If you have followed the steps above, you should have a fully functioning discount code which you can distribute to your customers as you see fit.