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Integrating Royal Mail & NetDespatch Courier Information

Royal Mail with NetDespatch is our most popular integration as it is the quickest to setup. If you want to integrate with Royal Mail directly, we will show you how to set that up as well.

1. Configuration

Get started by clicking “Configuration” in the top right of the Admin Centre.

2. Options

2. Options


The options menu will open on the top left of the screen. The menu is collapsible, so if you do not see it, hover the mouse over that area of the screen and it will appear.

Click “Couriers” to continue.


3. Couriers

3. Couriers


The couriers screen contains various bits of status information about all the couriers that Cloud Commerce Pro currently integrates with.

1. A green tick next to a courier shows that it is currently active on your account.

2. This check list shows various features and requirements of the supported couriers, so you can easily compare them and know which courier is suited for what job.


4. Accounts

4. Accounts

Hovering your mouse over “Accounts” will show all the accounts already created for that courier, as well as a button to add a new one.

5. Accounts Continued

5. Accounts Continued


1. Existing accounts will show here. Click these to edit them.

2. Click “Add Account” to begin setting up a new courier.


6. NetDespatch

6. NetDespatch


You need a Royal Mail online business account (OBA) before you can get started. You can find all the information you need to set up an OBA here.

Once you have an OBA, fill out the form here to get started with the integration.

When you have all the details filled in correctly, be sure to set the boxes at the top to “Active” and “Live”.


7. Royal Mail

7. Royal Mail


Typically most people setup Royal Mail integration with NetDespatch as shown above. If you need to do it directly, the majority of the information for Royal Mail integration comes from us emailing you a specific message, which you then forward on to your Royal Mail account manager. Speak to your project manager to arrange that.

The email should look as follows:


I require API access switching on by Royal Mail Customer Solutions, with a Username and Password supplied to us, for use with your API

Can you help?

Kind Regards”

The URL’s are as follows:

Test –

Live –

As with NetDespatch, when you have all the details filled in correctly, be sure to set the boxes at the top to “Active” and “Live”.


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