Configuring Amazon VAT Calculation System (VCS)

Amazon VCS (VAT Calculation System) is part of their Business Seller badge, making your products more appealing to Business Prime customers and increasing product visibility.

Cloud Commerce Pro allows you to configure your VCS through our system and to generate invoices with your own header for Amazon orders.

You’ll find the setting you need in your Amazon account configuration box in the Admin Centre.

First, check the box in the VCS section. This gives us authorisation to generate invoices and upload them to Amazon.

You’ll then have to select the form of VCS you want.

If you want to use Full or Lite options, you’ll first have to subscribe to VCS via Seller Central. Choose the option you’ve set up on Seller Central here.

To allow Amazon to generate the invoices themselves, select Full.

To allow Cloud Commerce Pro to generate the invoice based entirely on data on your CCP system, select IDU.

If you select Lite, the system will generate the invoice using Amazon line item data and totals, beneath your own invoice header.