Setting Pseudo-Stock or Artificial Stock Levels for Specific Products

Cloud Commerce Pro can automatically set and maintain an artificial stock level on any sales channel.

We call this system Pseudo Stock. You can use the system to publish more stock than you hold (for items that you can get in quickly, perhaps) or to show lower levels than you carry, which can create urgency on some sales channels.

The Pseudo Stock system can be used on all channels, including trade channels. Your own inventory will remain accurate.

If you want to quickly edit just a few products on one or two sales channels, you can do this in the Selling section of the Admin Centre.

Select the sales channel you want to set your Pseudo Stock for. You can only edit one product and one sales channel at a time.

From inside your chosen sales channel, select the range or category with the product you want to work on.

For the relevant product, click on Add.

The window that opens contains a lot of price-based listing information.

From the drop-down for each variation, select the Pseudo Stock type you want to use.

Types of Pseudo Stock

1 – Static

Static Pseudo Stock remains at the value you set it to no matter what. Every time your real stock value changes, your Pseudo Stock level will reset to your chosen value on channels with Pseudo Stock.

2 – Decrementing Regardless of Real Stock

Your Pseudo Stock will begin at whatever value you set. It will then count down with every sale made until it reaches 0, becoming unavailable until you update the figure.

3 – Decrementing Maintained by Real Stock

Your Pseudo Stock will begin at whatever value you set. It will stay at that value until the real stock value drops below your value, and will then count down with real stock values.

4 – Set to Current FBA Stock Level

Use this option to tie your stock value on this sales channel to your Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) inventory. Note that you will still have to set the channel up to use FBA as the only fulfilment method.

If you’ve selected ‘Set to Current FBA Stock Level’ then you’re done here. Otherwise, entre the starting value for your Pseudo Stock in the Pseudo Lvl box.

Be sure to Save your settings. Then repeat as needed for other sales channels and/or products.