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Profiles – Create eBay & Amazon Listings in one click

Listing products can be one of the most important and time consuming tasks for Amazon and eBay sellers, especially when dealing with large numbers of SKU’s. We have built our system by listening to these problems our customers face, and developing solutions to overcome them.

With our Profiles feature, you can quickly train Cloud Commerce Pro to complete all the information and criteria necessary to list products on Amazon and eBay, do it once and you never need do it again.

Experience the benefits of being able to list products quickly and accurately!

Who can benefit?

Listing products on multiple marketplace accounts can be a protracted process, and is also open to errors, which can lead to listings receiving little visibility or becoming de-listed altogether. You could even be suspended!

  • Clothing Retailers

    With new seasonal product lines and sales items regular coming into stock. Clothing & apparel retailers can often find they are having to list the same type of products but with little to no variation on multiple channels - a very time consuming and inefficient process.

  • Gifting Companies

    Any business with a high churn of products such as gifting retailers who test numerous variations of products over the year to coincide with the main celebration days. Work to very specific deadlines, and is therefore critical, products are listed quickly and accurately.

Could you also benefit from being able to quickly list your products on eBay & Amazon?

Our Solution

Many businesses selling across multiple channels and marketplaces, can quickly become overwhelmed by the number of product listings to manage and maintain. Cloud Commerce Pro offers a system to remove a lot of the time consuming and often repetitive work of listing products on multiple accounts.

This is through the creation of ‘Profiles’, they allow our customers the flexibility to train the system into recognising products and product types, which then dynamically updates certain attributers to match the specifications of the marketplace where the product is to be listed.

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    Set Amazon Product Type

  • CTA-hex-green-tick

    Create Dynamic Title/Description from Product Attributes

  • CTA-hex-green-tick

    Set the eBay Store Category

  • CTA-hex-green-tick

    Set Amazon Browse Nodes

  • CTA-hex-green-tick

    Select the Amazon Theme

  • CTA-hex-green-tick

    Select the eBay Template

  • CTA-hex-green-tick

    Set the eBay Business Policy

  • CTA-hex-green-tick

    Set Generic Amazon Option

Once a profile has been create for a group of products, any new product can be listed in just one click!

Watch our Profiles Video

View now for more on the Profile process

How can you benefit?

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    Affordable Monthly Cost

    Low fixed monthly costs, rolling contract - no hidden pricing

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    Quick & Easy set up

    We help and support through the whole on-boarding process.

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    Amazon Re-pricing

    Stay price competitive - with rules to decrease and increase prices.

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    Works For You

    Not just an off the shelf solution that expects you to do all the work.

  • CTA-hex-tick

    Cloud-Based System

    Can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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    Unlimited Users

    Our system is not limited, or charged by the number of users you can have.

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    Free On-site Consultation

    To fully understand our customers business goals and objectives.

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    Full Support & Training

    We will create a bespoke training plan, tailored to your specific needs.

Our Customer Reviews


“Cloud Commerce Pro Ecommerce solutions have been instrumental in our growth and success across multiple UK and international sales platforms. Their constant development ethos is pushing them in front of the competition and expanding our market advantage.”

Charlotte Murrey

Run Charlie

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“Just having that ability to pick the phone up and speak to a localised member of the team, and perhaps even one of the developers to help you resolve your issue has been a massive part of the reason why we stuck with Cloud Commerce for the last five years.”

Luke Hudson

Two-Squared Agency

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“Every time we call the support team they are quick to help out and always get back to you either the same or next day if unavailable. I would definitely recommend CCP to any business large or small who is looking for this type of system.”

Jamie Agar

The Cosy Bedding Company

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“Would highly recommend Cloud Commerce Pro to any online businesses that are looking to expend/save time and automate more of their daily needs.”

Mike Mayor

Earache Records

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“Cloud Commerce Pro software has had a positive impact on our business... and you do not need to be an IT expert! Besides the software and reports, their customer service is truly world class... backed by a very patient training team who empower you with all the knowledge you need about the system!”


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“I would recommend anyone to get in touch with CCP to see what they can offer. We are saving so much time using CCP and couldn't thank them enough not just for the system but for the service as well.”

Nikki Ineson

Chilli Wizards

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